Fibers carded by hand

We card our own handdyed fibers.

The batts are perfect for handspinnig, felting and other fiber art.


We work with Merino, cashmere, baby camel, silk, alpaca...

Yarn spun by hand

We spin all our yarns by hand.

With our yarns you can knit, crochet and...


In corporation with knitwear designers you will find our yarns in combination with a pattern in a knitting kit. 

Accessoires & fabrics woven by hand

We weave with handweaving looms in  our studio

fabrics for accessoires, patterns for greeting cards and home textiles.


The materials we use are ICord, linnen, wohl and other yarns.

Taschen & Accessoires sewn in our studio

We design and sew bags/shoppers, box bags, small lavender bags and much more in our studio.


The materials are canvas, our own fabrics as well as lots of projects are made with up cycling materials.